Free Firsts Appreciation Days (Hamiton Cty Residents)

Friday, June 1

Thanks to all Hamilton County residents for supporting your great parks! The Hamilton County Park District is showing its appreciation with the return of Free Firsts Resident Appreciation Days in 2012 on May 1, June 1, July 1 and August 1. On Free Firsts Appreciation Days, county residents can enjoy free entry into a Hamilton County Park (please visit www.GreatParks.org for a list of our parks) without the need for a Motor Vehicle Permit! Each designated day will also include many free and discounted activities, including: fishing at Lake Isabella and Campbell Lakes Preserve, tour boat rides at Winton Woods, golf discounts, merchandise discounts and more.  
Where: All Hamilton County Parks
When: Regular Park Hours
Who: Hamilton County Residents
How: Just come and enjoy free entry without the need of a Motor Vehicle Permit.
Cost: Free entry
For more info: For a complete list of free or discounted activities, go to www.GreatParks.org/freefirsts.      
For additional information, please call (513) 521-PARK (7275).